Maintaining your roof is just as important as protecting your entire building.  A roof without preventative or corrective maintenance inevitably deteriorates faster, resulting in costlier and more extensive repairs.  Roof neglect may also cause permanent structural damage which can then lead to the replacement of insulation, decking or trusses.
DAVCO's roof maintenance program, combined with the prompt repair of defects as they occur, extends the life of your roof and curtails the exorbitant cost of replacing a roof system sooner than anticipated.  DAVCO's scheduled roof inspections detect problems before they evolve into major repairs - our project managers examine all penetrations; the perimeter of the building; flashings and termination points; drainage; and the roof's membrane.
In today's mechanical world, roofs serve as platforms for air-conditioning units, vents, scrubbers, sightscreens and other equipment.  DAVCO's qualified technicians regularly examine all roof-top equipment to detect and minimize rainy season leaks.  If left unchecked, the stress of added weight and multiple penetrations, combined with membrane damage, can weaken the watertight integrity of your roofing system.