Our Company

DAVCO has the service solutions you need for maintaining and servicing your commercial and industrial roofing systems.  Our responsive teams of experts bring friendly, qualified service to your roof-top - and an education in how to extend your roof's life (and minimize your repair budget!) with regularly scheduled maintenance.
At DAVCO, we believe that understanding your roof system is essential to maintaining and preserving its life.  Our proactive, problem-solving methods prevent major repair crises by recognizing problems at the earliest stages of development.  This forward-thinking approach teaches you how various roofing components react together; how roof-top equipment affects roofing systems; how to spot check for major and minor repairs; and what forms of maintenance are needed for your specific system.
Our comprehensive roofing services include:  inspections, preventative maintenance, roof asset management, major and minor repairs, and emergency leak calls.  When inspecting your roof, we prepare a detailed report describing its existing condition and any maintenance work currently needed.  We document problems with photos and base our repair recommendations on your budget and the life expectancy of the roof.
DAVCO team members are regularly trained and educated in all areas of roof maintenance and service.  Technicians take complete responsibility for each service performed - this personal commitment is your assurance that our work is of superior quality each and every time.  For service solutions, call DAVCO - maintaining and servicing your roof is our best and only business.